How to use LinkedIn to access important people

14th February 2023

LinkedIn (LI) is a useful tool to help grow your network

But people often don’t use it in this way.

Instead, they simply use it to increase their list of contacts – example: after a meeting, send them an invite to connect etc.

Having more contacts can be useful, of course. But, unless we then communicate with these lovely contacts, it isn’t that useful.

So instead, here’s how to use LI to access more of the people you want to speak to. Let’s assume your target to contact is called Tommy, visit his LI profile page, and:

  1. Review “mutual connections” (these are people who both you and Tommy are connected to on LI). Contact your favourite mutual connection, and ask her to introduce you to Tommy. Once she does so, contact him asap. Or…
  2. Read Tommy’s LI posts, and direct-message him about one of them. He’s bound to read your note – after all, the only reason anyone posts anything is because they want people to read it! So your email about one of his posts is guaranteed to attract his attention. End your message with a promise to call him tomorrow. Or…
  3. Mutual interest – find an area of mutual interest on his profile. Has he worked for the same company as you? Do you have similar hobbies? Are you members of similar groups? Once you find something in common, send a note, referring to this “common thing”, and promising you’ll call him tomorrow

You’ll notice each of these ends with you contacting Tommy soon. When you do this…

  1. …if you get straight through to him, refer to the referrer’s name/the LI message you sent the day before. That’s a great way to start your conversation
  2. …if you get his gatekeeper, the gatekeeper will ask whether he knows what the call’s regarding, where you’re calling from, is it a sales call etc etc. You can answer ALL these by referring to the fact you’re following-up a referral/an email you sent the day before, and ask to be put through

If Tommy – or his gatekeeper – doesn’t want to speak with you, they’ll quickly tell you! So you won’t be imposing yourself in a way they don’t like.

But this approach maximises your chances of cutting through all the noise he’s hearing on LI – certainly moreso than sending one connection request once… and then never contacting him again.

Action Point

Use these tips on LI to meet more – and more valuable – contacts.

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