HOW TO WOW in meetings (three useful words)

4th July 2023

This Tip is super-useful when you’re meeting someone you don’t regularly see.

(So, you might not use it for regular updates. But you will when you’re meeting customers, bosses, potential partners, etc)

With these meetings, we know we need to start well.

And three useful words are:

  • OUR
  • NEW

It works as follows:

Us: I’ve been looking forward to OUR meeting. How are you?

Them: Good. You?

        (Quick rapport-build chat, and then…)

Us: in preparing for today’s meeting, I found two NEW things I think you’ll find helpful. Please can I share them with you?

Them: Yes please!

Us: Great. To make sure we start with the most USEFUL one, please can I ask you a couple of quick questions?

Them: sure…

… and now we’re in a great place. They’re engaged. You’re confident. They want to hear more. You can ask whatever questions you like. It’s all good.

Here’s why these words work so well:

  • OUR – this shows the meeting is a joint thing. A more popular opener is “thank you for your time”. But that doesn’t suggest joint-ness. And they want you to be useful, not simply grateful for being there
  • NEW – this triggers intrigue. If you offer to tell someone something NEW, they’ll probably (definitely?) say “yes please”
  • USEFUL – this is a great way to get permission to ask your questions early. After all, the opposite of “useful” is “useless”. And nobody wants you to be that!

Action Point

For your next meeting with a customer, boss, prospect – before you go in, consider how you will start it. If these three words will help, use them!

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