HOW TO WOW, without trying

15th June 2021

  • In your 20s, you worry what others think of you
  • In your 30s, you worry less what they think of you
  • In your 50s, you realise that nobody was ever thinking of you!

I heard this the other day. I liked it. It’s certainly true for me!

And it’s a good reminder that others see the world differently to how we do.

Which means that, when we communicate, we have to use words that resonate with them.

Especially at the start. So we grab them early.

A simple way to do this is say:

  1. ‘How to’
  2. Their #1 AFTER (why they’re better-off AFTER your communication)


  • Running a course on Excel? Use the subtitle "How to save two hours every week"
  • Delivering a sales masterclass? Call it "How to win more work, without doing more work"
  • This Tip’s title above

You’ve seen this work many times. For example, if Carnegie’s book had been called "Communication Skills", it’d have sold about five copies.

As it was, they called it "How to Win Friends and Influence People", and sold millions

I hope you find this Tip useful AFTER reading it.

I also hope you think about me all day.

But, as I’m in my 50s, I know you won’t think about me at all.

Action Point

For your next communication, engage them with "how to (AFTER)".

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