1st December 2020

“Are your team’s comms better than they were three months ago?”

I ask this question a lot.

Nearly everyone says “no”.

I then ask why not.

The usual answer?


But ‘time’ isn’t about ‘time’. It’s about ‘priority’ and ‘diary’. So:

  1. When people say they don’t have TIME to do X
  2. That’s the same as saying they chose not to PRIORITISE it
  3. Which is the same as saying it wasn’t in their DIARY

(Quick proof of this: all the things you PRIORITISE today are what’s in your DIARY. So you’ll have TIME to do them – even the ones you hate!)

So, the only way to improve your team’s comms?

Put something in your diary. For example:

  • Schedule a regular team meeting – “IMPROVE OUR COMMS”
  • Hold them every fortnight, month – whatever works
  • In them, you each share your recent comms (1) successes, and agree how to embed them across the team; and (2) challenges, and identify how to overcome them. End by (3) agreeing three improvements you’ll take forward as a team

Your team’s success hinges on how well you all communicate.

Do you prioritise this enough?

Or haven’t you time?

Action Point

Diarise time to improve your comms – regular meetings work brilliantly (I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times!)

And if you want to share more comms best-practices in these meetings, these will help.

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