Impressive Elevator Pitches – that a 5-year-old would love!

8th September 2020

Imagine I ask you what job you do. You’ve got ten seconds to wow me. What would you say?

Your answer helps define how others see you. After all, it’s their First Impression of you.

So, what is your Elevator Pitch?

Would you respond with:

  • What you are – “I’m an accountant”; or
  • What you do – “I prepare tax returns”; or
  • What you cause – “I help people pay less tax than they thought they would”

And the next question: which of these three sounds most interesting?

Number three, right? The other two are boring.

So, Rule #1: focus on the ‘cause’.

And then Rule #2: simplify your language, so people instantly get it (ask ‘would a 5-year-old understand?’)

Example: if the accountant said “I help people optimise personal allowances so… blah” – I don’t get it. And I’m bored.

Instead, do this – say:

  1. Your profession
  2. The phrase “which basically means”
  3. Your 5 year old what-I-cause

So “I’m an accountant – which basically means I help people pay less tax than they thought they would.”

Someone today will ask you what your job is. Will they stay in the elevator with you?

Action Point

Create your Elevator Pitch like this. It helps people see how valuable you are.

And for more hints, check my new online videos – andyboundsonline.

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