Influential presentations – persuade audiences to do what you want

23rd April 2019

We recently agreed that the three steps of influencing are:

  1. Identify what you want someone to DO
  2. Identify why they’ll think it’s in their interest to DO so
  3. Flip it – say the benefit first, before asking them to DO it

Applying this to presentations, it means we need to:

  • Start – our first slide and intro must captivate them
  • End – our final slide must convince them to do something

At the start, Slide #1’s title must contain your audience’s #1 priority. So, if they want to export into Belgium, title it “How we’ll help you export into Belgium”. Don’t call it “Our credentials”.

And at the end, on our final slide, write the words “next steps?”

When this slide comes up, ask the audience “What would you advise we do as our next steps?”

You’ll then agree your and their actions.

This sounds an obvious thing to do. It guarantees there are actions. But we don’t do it. After all, the most common final slides are:

  • “Summary” – where you repeat yourself
  • “Any questions?” – where you chat
  • “Thank you” – where they say “You’re welcome. Now get out”

Action Point

For your next presentation, re-write your first and last slides to include these crucial things. It’s easy and quick – but changes everything.

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