Is this the worst marketing email ever?

25th June 2019

Emailing strangers is hard.

But that’s no excuse for some of the stupidity we see in some companies’ marketing emails.

One of my friends recently had an email from a recruitment agency pushing a candidate who had “over 111 years’ experience”. Guess what? She didn’t reply.

I’ve had emails starting “Dear Madam” (I’m a man). I’ve been offered “exclusive opportunities” to buy a car (I can’t drive) and hair products (I’m bald).

As the saying goes “when I see crumbs on the in-flight table, I think the plane’s going to crash”. In other words, if you can’t do something as basic as clean the plane, I doubt you can do something as complex as fly it.

Similarly, when people get emails containing stupid mistakes, there’s 0% chance they’ll buy from you.

Sending an email today? Make sure there aren’t any stupid errors.

And use your spellchecker. Otherwise, there might be some smelling pisstakes.

Action Point

Please send me any stupid marketing emails you’ve had – I love reading them!

And make sure your next email’s impressive. If it is, it might work. But if it isn’t…

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