Is this the worst opening line ever?

1st August 2014

My reply: “No, I’m a best-selling author living near Liverpool”!

(Sorry if that sounds a bit big-headed – but it’s true. Both my books have sold pretty well)

I’ve had lots of people try and sell me things I don’t want over the years … a car (I can’t drive), designer women’s clothing (I’m a man) and hair products (I’m bald).

Which all goes to show how hard people find it to sell – their ideas, their products, themselves.

In fact, people often think that certain people are naturally good at it, and they’ll just never be.

But that isn’t the case.

Influencing, selling, presenting and pitching is not a God-given talent. It’s like anything: enough study, guidance and hard work will put you on firm ground.

To prove the point, watch this short video to see what I mean (scroll to the bottom to see it)

Have a good weekend,

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