It’s looking very positive…

5th February 2015

It is called “Top Dog: Impress and Influence everyone you meet”.

I’m very flattered by the comments people have made about it. These include…

This is an exceptional book that reinforces the importance of confidence in yourself, and your purpose for key encounters with executives. The importance of preparation, in demonstrating the confidence as a top dog. And the elimination of fear from your vocabulary. It is a real differentiator of executives in their encounters in the marketplace.” Jim Knauss, Global Vice Chair, Global Markets Business Development, Ernst & Young Global Limited

You can’t possibly succeed in business or your personal life unless you know how to persuade. This book tells you how it’s done. A revelation.” Marketing legend Drayton Bird

If everybody who’d presented to me over the years had read this book first, I’d have been much more likely to do what they wanted!” Julie Scott, Head of Operations, Standard Life

Becoming a more successful and skilled communicator has never been more fun and relevant in today’s business world. This book has a brilliant way of helping you think differently – and improve your performance – through engaging stories and insights that everyone can relate to. And, more importantly, actually do.

One of the authors (Andy) has helped my organisation deliver a blockbusting performance over the last two years – through his language and techniques. In fact, we now use ‘AndyBounds’ as an adjective in our organization to denote the very best way to communicate and get the outcome you desire – “that presentation isn’t ‘AndyBounds’ enough” and so on.

Top Dog is an excellent book. It will help you become a more successful business person.” Colin Tyrer, National Sales Manager, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

The ultimate resource for selling yourself and your business effectively; and turning referrals into sales! This book – in a consistently insightful, practical, yet delightfully humorous manner – shows you how to ensure that your sales presentations always hit the mark for dramatically increased sales. My advice to you? Read this book before your competition does.” Ivan Misner, Ph.D., NY Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI®

Top Dog is packed with practical, ‘real’ advice – written with clarity, consistency and simplicity – to help improve your ability to persuade. There is business value on each and every page. An outstanding book.” Andy Fell, General Manager, St George Retail Bank

I’ll let you know when you can get your copy!

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