JUST THREE WORDS to build people’s excitement and urgency to do what you want

14th April 2015

Today, you’ll have to sell something.

An idea, a product, a service, a proposition; why someone should choose you, recruit you, hire you…

… Or it could just be to get your children to tidy their rooms right now.

Here are two simple steps, to boost your chances of making that sale:

  • Step 1: Focus on the right thing
  • Step 2: Say the right thing

Taking each in turn…

Step 1: Focus on the right thing

Remember, people don’t want what you’re selling. They’re interested in why they’re better-off after saying “yes” (their AFTERs).

You’re the same. When you buy a website, you don’t want a website. You want more sales.

You don’t want a tax accountant; you want to pay less tax.

You don’t want a cleaning company; you want to impress your colleagues and customers by how beautiful your office is.

So, to sell more, focus on the AFTERs they’ll get (their agenda), not the thing you’re selling (yours).

Step 2: Say the right thing

To sell based on AFTERs, ask the other person what, why and when:

  • What AFTERs do you want? (This ensures you’re both talking about their agenda, not yours)
  • Why do you want it? (This builds their excitement)
  • When do you want it? (This builds urgency)

For example, if you’re a hotel receptionist

  • What type of room are you looking for? (“something special – one of your best rooms please”)
  • Why do you want it? (“Because I’m proposing to my girlfriend. I want to give her a night to remember”)
  • Congratulations. And how soon would you like this (“As soon as possible – Friday?”)

The conversation has quickly moved from booking a room to his imminent proposal to his girlfriend. He’s much more likely to book the room (and probably be grateful to hear 1-2 extra things you can offer, to make their night a resounding success).

Or, if you’re a business coach:

  • What do you want to achieve this year? (“To be as successful as now, but to do so in less time”)
  • Why’s that so important to you? (“I feel I’m not seeing my children as much as I’d like”)
  • How soon would you like to make this change (“As soon as possible”)

Again, the ‘customer’ has more excitement and urgency than she did two minutes ago – good for both of you.
So let me finish by asking you…

Action point

  • What conversation today will you apply this process to?
  • Why’ve you chosen that one? Why’s it so important to you that it goes right?
  • How soon can you prepare and practise, so your conversation goes exactly the way you want it to?

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