LIFE BY POWERPOINT (or ‘how to create brilliant slides’)

6th October 2020

Death by PowerPoint.

We’ve all been there…

A presenter has wordy slides. We watch them read to us. For ages.

Even worse, they say “I know you won’t be able to read this but…”

BUT WHAT?! Why show slides we can’t read?

So, make your slides amazing. It’s easy. Only three steps:

  1. BRILLIANT TITLES. Your titles are a slide’s first impression. So make them interesting, clear and relevant
  2. FEW WORDS. Audiences don’t want to watch you read. So remove as many words as you can (after all, you can say them instead)
  3. LOOK NICE. Don’t automatically use bullet points. That isn’t much fun for us to read. Instead, use nice visuals. Use PowerPoint’s function SmartArt. Or source good imagery – anything that looks nice!

Many people find it quickest to prepare good slides like this:

  1. Prepare your wordy slides as usual. These are your speaker notes. You also attach them to your follow-up email
  2. Then, edit these wordy slides using my three steps – use these in your presentation

Very easy.

Very quick.

Very much loved by your audiences!

Action Point

Next presentation, create better slides!

And watch these free videos on how to nail all four elements of brilliant presentations (month 4 on this link).

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