Make them listen. Make them care.

11th December 2018

When you communicate, you want to engage people instantly.

Do this, and they’re more likely to buy into what you say.

But it’s hard.

For example, imagine you’re selling IT, if you start with the words “our cutting edge IT”, they aren’t as interested in that as you are. After all, it’s your IT! They’ve got their own business problems to worry about.

Instead, it’s better and easier to start with what’s important to them. You do this using my 3Ws technique:

  • What you want – their main priority
  • Why you want it – why it’s so important to them
  • We can help – only now do you talk about your topic

So, using the IT example, and imagining you’re selling to someone who wants to improve their competitive advantage, you could say…

  • You want to improve your competitive advantage
  • To win-back the market share you’ve recently lost
  • We can help you do this through our cutting-edge IT. Here’s how it works…

This time, they engage instantly. Because your Sentence #1 contains their Priority #1.

Does it work? Well, look at how I used the 3Ws at the top of this Tip…

Action Point

For your most important communication today – whether it’s written or verbal – use the 3Ws, to engage them straight away.

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