Make Update Meetings interesting and useful – not boring and pointless

15th August 2017

Update Meetings are dreadful.

Too long. Too boring. Too dull.

So, do this instead. It’s miles better…

Ask everyone to bring their:

  • Best thing
  • Worst thing
  • Next thing

In other words:

  • Best thing – what’s the best thing that’s happened since we last met?
  • Worst thing – what the worst thing that’s happened to you/your team? And how will you resolve it?
  • Next thing – what’s the main thing you’re prioritising for next week?

These three only take 30 seconds to say. So, a meeting of ten people would spend a total of only five minutes sharing them.

Then, the rest of the meeting becomes much more fruitful:

  • Best things – people learn from others’ successes
  • Worst things – people help each other overcome their challenges
  • Next things – people make sure their priorities are aligned. And share ideas for how best to achieve them

Another benefit: these meetings are much shorter. You no longer need the full one-hour everyone-talks-for-ages updates. Result!

Action Point

For your next Update Meeting…

  • If you’re the owner – email everyone, asking them to prepare a best/worst/next thing 30-second summary;
  • If you aren’t the owner, send this Tip to the owner, and ask whether it’s worth trying this approach for their next meeting

And, my “next thing”? Well, during these meetings, you’ll have to present your best/worst/next update. Here’s a free video showing how to impress everyone when you do.

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