Make your ‘Calls To Action’ actionable

13th January 2015

A recurring theme of my Tuesday Tips: the first step of preparing communication is to identify what you want your audience to do after it. In other words, start with your prep by identifying the Call To Action, and then create content that ensures they do it.

Obviously, these Calls To Action must be actionable.

But most aren’t.

Instead, they’re Rallying Calls: “Make 2015 our best yet!”, “Enhance our division’s reputation”, “get closer to our customers”, “be more self-aware”, “bring more value to our stakeholders”, “hit your targets”… They often leave people thinking “I’d love to. But how?”

One simple way to improve them is:

  1. State the Rallying Call
  2. Say “for instance”
  3. Give examples of things they could do first, to get started

Going forward, I want you to enhance our division’s reputation within the company. For instance, you could:

  • call key stakeholders, and ask how we can help them more;
  • think what’s been well received in the past, and do it again;
  • ask your peers how they’ve enhanced their reputation, and copy it;
  • identify other divisions that impress you, and learn from them

These examples give your audience ideas they can use, or be influenced by.

It makes them more likely to act.

After all, when they know where to start, they’re more likely to start.

Action Point

Action 1: Check your Call To Action in your next communication. It is easy to act on? If not, incorporate some “for instances” to guide people how to start.
Action 2: To watch my videos explaining how to build people’s desire to do your Calls To Action, click here

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