More phone calls; fewer Teams meetings

11th May 2021

There are lots of comms channels we can use – phone, email, Zoom/Teams, documents, presentations, etc.

Which is best?

Well, it depends.

But a phone call is often our best option. It’s often better than:

  • Emails. Because verbal is often more interesting, interactive, intimate and persuasive than written
  • Zoom/Teams. We don’t always need to see each other’s faces or share screens. And a phone call means we can get away from the desk, walk around the house/garden while we’re speaking – a break from our desk… at last!
  • Documents. When we need written confirmation of something, it’s often better to (1) speak on the phone to agree things verbally, and then (2) put our "agreed thing" in writing. This means our written communication is now a quick confirmation, not a lengthy conversation

Most of us could – and should – call people on our phones more than we do.

How do you decide when you should use yours?

And do you use it as often as you should?

Action Point

Look at today’s comms. For those that would work better as a phone call… use the phone!

And for more tips on what to say when you’re talking

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