My favourite App (it improves my comms; and saves me hours!)

27th April 2021

I’ve recently had a few people ask what my favourite App is.

   (Before I tell you, here’s a quick hint about written comms – it’s relevant to this App:

   You should write as you talk

   So, if you read your writing out loud, it should sound like you. Not some weird corporate drone)

Which is why my favourite App – as in, the one I use most often, find most valuable, and that saves me most time – is called ‘Document Direct’.

It’s a dictaphone App. I dictate my typing onto it, press “upload” and it goes to a pool of typists. They type and resend it really quickly.

They’re available 24/7. So if I’m dictating at odd times – early, late, am in a different time-zone (if we ever get to fly again) – it still comes back fast.

I love the speed and convenience.

But most importantly, I love that my written stuff sounds like me talking.

Which means it’s more likely to work.

Action Point

  1. Write as you talk!
  2. To check you do, read aloud one of your recent written comms. If it doesn’t sound like you, change how you write the next one
  3. If you’re interested, check out the App (btw, I don’t benefit at all by telling you about it!)
  4. Watch these vids to show other ways to save time by better comms

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