My favourite inspirational quote…

8th May 2018

Many people have a favourite inspirational quote. And here’s mine…

It was said by the author Octavia Butler, in response being asked how she managed to be so prolific…

     “First, forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable.

     It will sustain you, whether you’re inspired or not”

Now admittedly, most people’s favourite inspirational quote doesn’t begin with “First, forget inspiration”.

But mine does.

Because, inspiration only starts you going. It’s habits that keep you going.

We’ve all been to workshops, events and conferences which were supposed to change our lives. But actually, after a short blip, we went back to our pre-event habits.

So, if we assume inspiration is short-term, whereas habits are long-term

… and you want to improve yourself, your team or your company, the first question to ask is:

     How long-term do you want the improvement to be?

If it’s short-term, inspire them with a short-term communication. Deliver a roadshow. Create a presentation. Run an inspiring meeting.

But if you want long-term improvement, you’ll need to do long-term communications.

So, start with your roadshow, presentation or meeting. But then regularly and relentlessly follow up:

  • Reminder communications, to keep it front of mind
  • When someone makes the changes you want, publically praise them
  • When someone slips back to the old ways, privately remind them what they should have done instead

Habits aren’t as exciting as inspiration. But, as Ms Butler said, they’re more dependable. And they sustain you whether you’re inspired or not.

Action Point

Identify one long-term improvement you’d like to see in yourself, your team or your company.

And then create a long-term Comms Plan for how you’ll achieve it.

Decide how you’ll kick things off. Decide how you’ll follow it up.

And how can you and I ensure this short-term Tuesday Tip make a long-term impact? Keep reading my weekly tips! And/or check these out – they’ll help you too.

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