My most popular video – where I use Lego to show you how to network

31st July 2018

Two indisputable facts:

  1. Networking can be awful. Talking to strangers? Hell on earth
  2. Lego is cool

So, I’ve created a short video, where I use Lego characters to show you how to be better at networking.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • Which groups of people you can approach, and which you can’t
  • How best to approach them, so you feel confident
  • What to say when you do
  • The people to avoid
  • And so on

You’ll also find that – in only 4½ minutes from now – you’ll no longer be worried about the things you’ve always found scary about networking. Here you go…

Andy Bounds Lego networking

Action Point

Next time you’re networking, do what the Lego tells you!

This video is from my online video club. And there are 142 others, just like this one – showing simple, new, easy ways to transform your communication. So, for new and quick ways to improve your networking, selling, presenting, check this out.

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