My proposal 8 top tips. Do you do them?

22nd June 2021

Here are my 8 top tips for writing proposals. Do you do them?

  1. AGREE EVERYTHING VERBALLY. Your proposal should be a confirmation not exploration. It should confirm what you’ve already agreed verbally, not explore new stuff
  2. PRE-AGREE HEADINGS. Before you write it, agree with the customer the headings/structure of your proposal. That way, it’s relevant, tailored, short, easier to read (them) and write (you)
  3. BRILLIANT FIRST IMPRESSION. All your first impressions must impress: your covering email, proposal attachment’s filename, look and feel, title (see point 4)
  4. PRIORITY #1 ON PAGE #1. Your title must include the customer’s #1 priority. After all, which sounds better – "Our proposal" or "How we’ll save you £20million in tax?"
  5. EASY TO ACCEPT. State what the customer has to do, to accept it – "sign page 3" etc
  6. CLEAR TIMELINE. Show key milestones, deliverables and deadlines
  7. EASY TO READ. Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Lots of headings. Lots of white space
  8. USE SPELLCHECK. Customers want to see professionalism. So DON’T make any smelling piss-takes

Action Point

For your next proposal, use all 8 Tips. Month #5’s videos contain an hour of my doing a deep-dive on all these tips and more. Get them here

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