My three favourite weekly blogs – I recommend you read them!

13th April 2021

My top tip for you this week…

… is that you sign-up for these other weekly tips!

Of all the blogs I’ve read – and it’s hundreds! – I find these three are the most useful and interesting. They always make me think, often make me laugh, sometimes make me feel stupid… and always give me ideas I can use immediately.

  1. Alan Weiss’s Monday Memo. Alan’s been described as the “rockstar of consulting”. He’s absolutely brilliant. His Monday Memo is always the first email I read every week. They always teach me something. You can get them here
  2. Alan Stevens’s Media Coach. Alan’s the go-to person for how to improve your reputation. Every week, he shares his top media tip, communication tip and his hugely-popular “media master” and “media mug” of the week. A really enjoyable, thought-provoking read. You can sign up at the bottom of this page
  3. Paul McGee’s newsletter. Paul’s a hugely successful speaker and author. His specialism is helping people develop themselves, to achieve more than they dreamed possible. He’s written 10+ best-sellers (the most famous is his SUMO book). He’s been on the celebrity edition of The Weakest Link, and the Chris Evans Radio Show! His newsletter is here

I love all three of these. I hope you do too!

Action Point

Check out these three. And then sign-up!

And then, to improve your next presentation, watch my free videos here – watch Month 4’s ‘free preview’ free videos here

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