NEGOTIATION NINJA (plus a Boundsy Bonus)

16th March 2021

Two Rules of Negotiation:

  1. Aim for WIN:WIN (much better than LOSE:WIN or the dreaded compromise of LOSE:LOSE)
  2. If you aren’t prepared to walk away, don’t start negotiating. Or you’ll lose

Here are five simple tips to help you achieve both: (very important, answer each one from (1) your and (2) their viewpoint):

  1. What’s your ideal outcome?
  2. What’s your next best alternative (NBA)?
  3. What are the deal breakers?
  4. What are trade-ables – things you’ll compromise on, as long as they do X in return?
  5. What’s the power balance? Who has most to gain/lose?

These are all linked of course. For example, if you have a brilliant NBA and they don’t (point #2), that means they’re more reliant on getting their ideal outcome (#1) – affecting the power balance (#5).

So prep by answering these five questions – for both of you.

Do this, and you’re more likely to get the WIN:WIN.

And when you both win, you’ll keep trying, and they’ll keep buying!

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Action Point

Before your next negotiation, prep by answering these five questions for (1) you (2) them.

And get your £100 discount here.

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