Not got time to do what you want? Well, read this… (if you’ve time)

28th April 2015

You see, time is never about time. It is about priority. In other words, if something’s important enough, you’ll find the time to do it. yes, you might have to think creatively about how you can fit it in. But, as I say, if it’s important enough, you’ll find a way.

For example, a large bank recently wanted me to upskill 200 of their senior people. They couldn’t easily afford face-to-face master classes – budgets/time didn’t allow.

But it was a priority. So we worked out a way we could achieve it.

I delivered the session to the 200 via Conference Call. I gave them slides and notes, to both aid their learning, plus act as a permanent resource afterwards. We’ve already followed-up, to help ensure the learning’s turned into actions. The next step is more follow-up to turn these actions into habits.

So, a great result for them, at a time when it seemed impossible to achieve what they wanted.

The key message here: there’s often a way to achieve something. And there’s almost always a way if it’s essential enough.

Today, you “won’t have time” to do something. But is that because of time or priority?

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