Overcoming people’s objections

24th March 2015

Last week’s Tip showed how to get a ‘yes’ from stakeholders, by using your BO (Benefits/Options).

This week’s Tip goes further, by explaining how to reduce the chance they’ll say ‘no’. You achieve this by removing their objections.

These objections aren’t objectionable. They’re real to them. You must proactively address and resolve them, in ways that make you both feel comfortable.

The first step is to focus on the value your proposition will bring to them. The more they see the value to them, the more likely you’ll get that ‘yes’.

The second step is to remove their objections:

  • Create a 2-column table. List all their likely objections on the left-hand side, and – on the right – your responses
  • From the table, choose their biggest 1-2 objections. Pre-empt and remove them by including them in your communication. So, you bring them up. Don’t wait for them to. “If I was you, I’d be concerned about the cost, given how tight budgets are. Well, let me outline why the return from this proposition outperforms our other options.”
  • For all the other objections, prepare and practise persuasive responses. This is better than the only alternative: making up your responses on the day, before their eyes. This just never goes well.

Action point

  • Identify your next key communication where it’s important you get a ‘yes’
  • Structure your content, so it makes it clear how your proposition brings value to them. Ensure you finish with a persuasive BO
  • Tabulate their likely objections to your content, together with your responses. Incorporate the main 1-2 in your communication, using “if I was you…
  • Practise your responses to the other objections, so you’re ready should they raise them

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