Presentation confidence – how to feel bulletproof every time you speak PART II

6th November 2018

Last week, I shared five tips for reducing your nerves when presenting. Here are the other five I promised:

  1. Practise the end. It builds your confidence to know exactly how you’ll finish, rather than ending with the feeble “and that’s all I have to say. Goodbye”
  2. Prepare answers to Dreads. Think of every question you’re dreading your audience asking you. And prepare brilliant answers to each of them. Practise saying them out loud
  3. Practise to friends. Ask a friend to watch your run-through. Ask for feedback, starting with the positives (don’t ask them to start with what’s wrong – that’s just depressing)
  4. Practise to bosses. Depending on the presentation, you might also ask someone important – your boss etc – to watch another run-through. Again, ask them to start with positives
  5. Get coaching. There are some presentations which must go well. So, for these, get someone to coach you

And one final one – as Bob Monkhouse used to say, presentations are all about your ABC and XYZAlways Be Confident, and Xamine Your Zipper!

I always do all these. Without them, I’d be really nervous!

Action Point

For your next presentation, do some/all of them!

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