Presentation Ninja – the BEST way to end a presentation

26th March 2019

When you make a presentation, you want your audience to DO something after you stop speaking.

So, your final slide should tell them what you want them to DO.

So a simple, powerful trick: head up your final slide “Our next steps”. And then list what you want them to DO and what you’re going to DO.

Or if you aren’t yet sure what you want them to DO, turn this phrase into a question, and put “Our next steps?” in big letters in the middle of the slide. You’ll then have a chat to agree what the next steps will be.

This is really important. It is – by far – the best way to end a presentation.

And it’s also the opposite of what most people do. Which, as we know, tends to be one of three things:

  • “Thank you” – to which your audience replies “You’re welcome. Now leave.”
  • “Any questions?” – which might lead to the odd question or two, but no action
  • “Summary” – where you’ll repeat your main messages. They might or might not ask questions. But again there’ll be no action

Your Call To Action is the most important part of any communication. That’s why every Tuesday Tip ends with an Action Point. And here‘s this week’s….

Action Point

For your next presentation, re-write your final slide to include the words “Our next steps”. Do this, and there’ll be some. Don’t, and there won’t.

And for a short, free video explaining the four elements of a successful presentation, check this out Why most presentations are doomed

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