Presentation Slide #1 – what it MUST contain

13th July 2021

The only aim of a presentation’s slide #1…

… is that the audience wants to see Slide #2

And that’s it.

Which means that #1 must contain something interesting.

But most don’t, do they?

After all, ever seen a #1 with these titles?

  • Excel Intermediate
  • Update
  • Q3 overview
  • June’s review
  • Credentials presentation

Hardly makes you go “QUICK! SHOW ME SLIDE #2 NOW!”

But the solution is so easy…

Simply include your audience’s #1 priority on Slide #1 – in the title or subtitle.

For example, if you were presenting “Excel intermediate”, and your audience’s #1 priority is to save time…

… Add a sub-title “Excel intermediate – how you’ll save two hours every week”

They’re interested now!

So just:

  1. Ask “What’s your #1 priority?”
  2. Put their answer on Slide #1

Do engaging titles work? Well, you’re still reading. So I guess the title worked!

Action Point

For your next presentation, add their #1 priority to your Slide #1 – in your title or sub-title.

And if you want to get brilliant at this, do the same thing with all your comms – meeting titles (no more “update”), emails (no more “FYI”), and so on.

And if you want to get more than brilliant, click here.

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