Proposals Ninja – how to get a Win Rate of 94%

29th May 2018

There’s a lot of pain associated with proposals.

You hate writing them. Customers hate reading them. They take you ages. They hardly ever work.

But there’s a much better way of doing it.

In fact, 94% of my proposals turn into sales.

Do yours?

If not, watch this short video. In it, I show you:

  1. My Golden Rule of Proposals
  2. The five things to put in every proposal
  3. How to follow-up – persuasively and nicely – to turn their proposal into a sale

Here’s the link…

Good luck!

Action Point

In your next proposal, use some of the techniques in the video. And then please let me know how you get on.

One other thing for you: I’m speaking at an event early evening, on 5 June in New Brighton, on the Wirral. Three expert speakers, fantastic buffet … I’d love you to come if you fancy it. Here are the details…

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