Remove the price objection – Part II

12th October 2021

Last week, I shared three of my six favourite ways to remove the price objection:

  1. Focus on £value
  2. Discuss price last, not first
  3. Discuss price verbally

Here are the other three…

#4 Offer options

If you say "it’s £10k – do you want it or not?", they might say "not".

But if you say, "there are two ways we can help – X costing £10k; or XYZ costing £15k. Which is better for you?"…

…that changes the question from "are you buying?" to "which are you buying?"

#5 Script and practice responses

The best way to remove price objections is:

  1. Script – work out in advance how you’ll reply when someone objects to your price
  2. Practice – practice saying your scripts out loud at least ten times, until it feels natural

#6 Don’t discount

If you say to a waiter "I’d like burger and chips, but I’ll only pay for the burger", he won’t let you!

So why would you let your customer say, "I’ll have everything in your proposal. But please discount your price by 10%."

Offering options (#4 above) helps you not discount. After all, they can always choose the cheaper option – “if you only have budget for the burger, just have the burger.”

Action Point

  1. Next price negotiation, use some/all of these six techniques.
  2. Click here for more new ways to remove the dreaded price objection

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