Remove the price objection

26th November 2019

Weird but true:

    Customers want you to be good at overcoming price objections


Because if they’re to invest money in you, they need to know they’re getting good value for that money.

So when they say “that sounds expensive”, assume they mean “help me understand why the return I’ll get is worth the money I’ll pay”

This means you need to prep in advance how you’ll respond (trust me on this: the right words won’t magically appear in your meeting)

For example, when someone says ‘You’re too expensive’, you could reply:

  1. I don’t often hear that. Why do you say that?
  2. Compared to what?
  3. Do you mean the cost of us, or the cost to you if there’s a problem?
  4. We’re known for delivering the best value for money service on the market. So if someone is a lot cheaper, their service might not be as good. Can I ask you a few quick questions, so I can ensure you have a like-for-like comparison to choose between?
  5. But we’ve agreed this problem is costing you £X, and our fee is under ½% of that. What fee did you think was fairer?

Which of these five will your customers prefer?

Action Point

Invest time scripting and rehearsing your best answers to the price objection. Your customer wants you to be good at this!

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