SHORTER PRESENTATIONS!! (A useful 5-minute hack)

20th September 2022

Most presentations are too long.

And here’s a simple way to make yours shorter…

When you’ve completed your presentation, review every slide and ask yourself “keep-bin-appendix”?

  1. Keep – is this slide so critical that it must remain in the presentation? If so, keep it
  2. Bin – is this slide not needed? If so, bin it – delete it from your deck
  3. Appendix – is this slide useful, but only as background detail? If so, remove it from the main presentation, and put it in an appendix

I recently shared this technique with one of my customers. She had a 30-slide deck. And then – only five minutes later – eight were in the bin, and a further seven in an appendix.

So she only had 15 left in her core deck.

So, she had halved her presentation. In only five minutes!

Better still: she’d removed the worst half.

All of which makes this week’s Action Point very obvious…

Action Point

For your next presentation, review each slide, for “keep – bin – appendix”.

You are only five minutes away from having a shorter, better presentation!

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