Simplify the complex

3rd September 2019

As a rule: simpler is better.

And this slide is a great way to simplify decision making.

In fact, I showed it to one of my large IT customers recently. It turned their 93-slide deck (93!) into one slide.

And guess what?

They – and their audience – preferred 1 to 93. I know – weird, right?

And it worked for them. Super-fast.

Let’s see if it might work for you too…

You’d use it when you’re helping someone (1) choose between different options (2) when they have many differing objectives to achieve. You complete it as follows:

  • List their objectives on the left
  • Write your options across the top
  • Add the pie charts, to show how well each option achieves each objective

For example, if their most important objectives were #3 and #4, they’d quickly see that Option B is probably best. Obviously, you’d have detailed discussions to confirm this.

This visual can be a good first slide in a deck. And you can also then have other slides containing all the supporting info.

Worth a try?

Action Point

Identify a situation where this slide will help you and your audience. Then use it. It’ll speed things up.

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