Six ways to make your emails easy to read

18th August 2020

I’m like you: I hate reading long, boring emails.

But in the busy carnage of our working day, it’s all too easy for any of us to send long, boring emails!

Unfortunately, your readers hate them too.

So here are six simple ways to ensure your emails are easy to read:

  1. SHORT PARAGRAPHS. Four lines maximum. Shorter if you can
  2. SHORT SENTENCES. The shorter your sentences, the easier they are to read. And the easier to retain your content. So replace commas and joining words (and/but) with full stops
  3. NORMAL LANGUAGE. Write in normal language, not ‘corporate’ (a good tip: read it out loud. If it sounds clunky, simplify it)
  4. VERBAL FIRST. For complex or tricky topics, probably call first. Agree things verbally. And then send a short confirmatory email
  5. CLEAR INTRO. Be clear at the top why you’re writing – “I’m writing to (insert reason for email)”
  6. HEADINGS. For long/complex emails, break it down into sections, each with a heading

All of these are obvious. I know you already know them all.

But how many do you do?

Action Point

Review the last 2-3 emails you sent. Did you do all six? If not, you know what to do in your next email!

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