Start with a BANG!

21st September 2021

       “Virtual meetings start badly. And then they get worse”

That’s definitely true.

But then so’s this:

       “When meetings start well, they tend to be good”

Which means – and I know this is an over-simplification (but not much)…

… Your start dictates how successful your meeting will be.

So start with a BANG, not a whimper.

To nail this, only two things matter – the WHAT and the HOW:

  1. WHAT. Before you start, be clear WHAT you’ll say in your first 1-2 sentences. Make it sound exciting, relevant, interesting. Be clear on the benefits to them of attending
  2. HOW. Deliver your start in an engaging way. Speak with passion. Smile. Look straight at the camera. Lean forwards. Raise your voice slightly…

… all easy stuff.

But also all-too-easily forgotten.

This is one of my favourite Tips.

Because it causes maximum impact for minimum effort!

After all, it only takes a couple of minutes to work out WHAT you’ll say. And, as for HOW you’ll say it… well, you were speaking anyway – so it doesn’t take any longer!

Action Point

  1. For your next virtual meeting, nail the WHAT and HOW. Win them then, and you’ll win them overall
  2. To master three simple ways to be interesting throughout your meeting, watch – for free – video 4 of month 4 here

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