Stop wasting time in pointless meetings

2nd September 2014

Here’s an idea…

  • Get eight people in a room for an hour (so, that’s eight man-hours of resource – or one working day)
  • Then they discuss lots of stuff
  • Then they go back to their desks and do nothing differently as a result

Ridiculous, eh? Now, here’s another idea…

  • Do loads of these meetings…
  • …Every day…
  • Even better: put them back-to-back, so there is no opportunity to do anything else all day other than chat

Who’d do that?!

Ideally, nobody.

But actually, in my experience, it’s most people.

And, whenever I ask these people what they can do about it, they often say “nothing”.

But, as I say to them, there’s always ‘more than nothing’ you can do.


Action point

…what one thing are you going to do, to reduce the amount of time you waste in meetings this week?

And, if you’d like advice in how to run better meetings, CLICK HERE

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