Structuring comms part 1 (looking backwards)

4th August 2020

Big reviews– quarterly reviews, monthly updates, etc – tend to be hard to prep, hard to deliver and hard to sit through!

So instead, start with this summary. It’s a three-column table:

  1. Your priority – list your audience’s main priorities – one per row
  2. Our actions – list all the actions you’ve done in the last month/quarter. Group them in the relevant rows, so your audience sees how each relates to their priorities
  3. Our outcomes – for each action, state the outcome/benefit it delivered. That way, they see your value-add

For example, I recently saw someone write:

  1. Priority = Increase market awareness
  2. We re-wrote the web landing page
  3. We got an extra 20,000 hits this month

Start your review with this table. This gives instant clarity on what you’ve done, how well it worked, and how it fits with their priorities.

Then ask “which of these would you like us to discuss first?”

They reply.

You go to the relevant detail.

Valuable. Relevant. Easy.

Brilliant for you both!

Action Point

For your next review, consider doing this table as a summary before you get into the detail

And for more hints, check out my new online videos here andyboundsonline.

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