Structuring comms part 2 (looking forwards)

11th August 2020

Last week’s Tip showed a simple structure for communicating things that have happened.

This week’s shows how to communicate things that’ll happen in the future – change, new strategy, etc:

  1. Why it’s needed. Start by explaining why change is needed. This reason will probably be a problem now or a future opportunity
  2. The vision. State the ultimate end-game – so they know where you’re all going
  3. The journey. Show how you’ll get from the now (#1) to the future vision (#2). A timeline showing key milestones and deadlines often works well
  4. Overcoming hurdles. Your audience will have concerns about any change. So pre-empt these by mentioning, and then removing, them
  5. Call to action. Be clear what your audience is to do more/less of, to help this change happen. That way, as well as triggering their engagement, you’ve also triggered action

Action Point

For your next future-focused communication, consider using this layout to get the engagement and action you want.

And for more hints, check out my new online videos – andyboundsonline.

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