Success up. Time down.

6th March 2018

People want “Success up. Time down.”

In other words, they want to be more successful, in less time.

And the easiest way to achieve this?

Find the easiest, quickest approach – which is possibly not what you’re currently doing.

For example, with sales, the customer you want is like the customer you’ve got. So…

  1. Contact your existing customers, and ask “how else can I help you?”
  2. Analyse your current customers and identify common traits. For example, if you work with three banks, you’re probably pretty good with banks. So go after more of these. Ask your existing contacts for referrals into banks. Find events where bankers attend, and network there, etc

Or cold call lots of strangers.

Actually, no – don’t do that. Takes ages. Doesn’t work. And everyone hates it.

Action point

Identify one area where you’d like to be more successful, more quickly.

Then decide the best, easiest ways to achieve it. Make sure you include 2-3 new ideas – things you don’t currently do.

It’s then a simple question of deciding START and STOP – new things you’ll START to do; and existing poor approaches you’ll STOP.

And if you’re in Sales, here’s another Tip…

This love of “Sales up. Time down” led me to create my video club.

I created it for people who want to win lots more work without doing lots more work.

Simply watch a video, press ‘pause’ and use the video’s sales technique immediately. You’ll get a lot more success, in a lot less time.

And if you don’t? Well, there’s always my full money-back 60-day guarantee. And you still get to keep the videos.

So, want your sales up and your time down? Here’s how…

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