SUPERFAST tips for better emails

30th July 2019

Tip 1 – Good titles

  • The easiest method: use your original title (example – “Project X”) plus an intriguing half sentence (“Project X – a quick question to ask…”)
  • People will open your email, to see what the rest of your sentence is
  • By the way, ‘FYI’ is a rubbish title – doesn’t engage anyone

Tip 2 – Easy to read

  • Use short paragraphs – 2-3 lines max
  • Use short sentences. Don’t join two sentences with “and” or “but”
  • For longer emails, use sub-headings to break it up

Tip 3 – Include a Call to Action

  • Ask the reader to do something. Or they won’t
  • My favourite: “Please can you hit Reply and (insert their action)? And then I will (insert the action I’ll do after they’ve done theirs)”

Tip 4 – Pick up the phone

  • Especially if the topic is long, complex and/or contentious
  • If you want your phone conversation in writing, follow-up your chat with a confirmatory email

Action Point

Next email – as in, the one you’re about to write – use these tips!

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