The best question in the world?

15th September 2020

The best communicators ask the best questions.


Because the better you are at finding other people’s priorities (by asking), the better you’re able to impress and influence them.

There are lots of great questions out there.

But the best one is:

    “Tell me more?”

In other words, ask a question to find someone’s priorities (like “What are your priorities?”)

And then ask them to go into detail with “Tell me more?”


    Person A: How’s your business been in the lockdown?
    B: Not good

Stop the conversation there, and there’s no value. But change it to this:

    A: How’s your business been in the lockdown?
    B: Not good
    A: Tell me more?
    B: Well we have had challenges with both our customers and our staff
    A: I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?

Much better.

So, the golden rule with questioning – your:

  1. Opening Question gets them talking
  2. Probing Question gets the value

Do you do this?

Tell me more?

Action Point

Today, after someone answers your first question, ask “Tell me more?”

I bet they’ll tell you more!

And now let me tell you more – click here!

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