The best question you can ask is…

2nd October 2018

The best question you can ask is the second one.


Because people’s first answer rarely tells you everything they think.

So the more you ask second questions, the more you understand their priorities. And the more you can then adapt your approach, to help them achieve what really matters. An example of a recent customer chat:

Me: What’s your #1 priority?
Him: To hit target
Me: Why’s that your #1?
Him: Because I have to hit it!
Me: I know. But do you want to hit it, or smash it?
Him: Smash it
Me: Why?
Him: My Manager said I haven’t got it in me – I want to show him I have. Plus, I want to tell my wife I’ve done well this year
Me: What’d it mean to you if you could achieve that?
Him: (silence, and then) Andy, it’d mean everything

Very different to his first answer of “hit target.”

And once we both knew this, we had a great chat – full of enthusiasm and ideas, which led to clear actions he’s already thrown himself into.

It’s easy to assume you do this. After all, they’re just little prompts like – “tell me more?”, “why’s that?” and so on.

But do you ask them?

And my second question – what benefits would it bring you if you were even better at it?

Action Point

Prepare some second questions, and ask them today. You’ll know they’re working – people tell you useful stuff!

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