The best way to prep a presentation

10th December 2019

When you prep a presentation, what do you do?

Most people go straight to PowerPoint.

They see what slides they already have, that they can re-use.

Or they type Speaker Notes on new slides.

Neither’s great.

The first means you’re ‘making do’. The second means your audience will watch you reading.

Instead, I prep like this:

  • IMPACT – I start by thinking what impact I want to cause. So not “What am I going to say?” Instead, it’s “What do I want them to DO after I’ve said it?” Once I know this, I’ll create a more focused, shorter, better presentation
  • TEACH – I then think “What can I TEACH them about this subject?“ Teaching new stuff means giving new value. I love it when someone says “I’d never thought of it like that”
  • QUESTIONS – I then prepare questions I’ll ask to engage them, learn their views, trigger a discussion, get them thinking, etc. The better my questions, the better their buy-in
  • STRUCTURE – I write all my main ideas on a piece of paper, numbering the order I’ll say them

And finally, I might – might – create slides. But only if they’ll help my audience.

Action Point

For your next presentation, use some/all of these techniques. It’ll make things better and shorter.

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