The best way to update each other during the Virus Crisis

31st March 2020

Here’s something I NEVER write…

       Have more Update Meetings

Usually, these are pretty grim. Too long. Too pointless. Too dull.

But now things are different. Now we’re having to work from home, we need as much social interaction with our colleagues and customers as possible.

And Update Meetings are great for this. But…

… If we ask the normal Update Question – “What have you been doing?” – most people will struggle to:

  1. Be positive, because of all the negatives
  2. Focus on tomorrow, because they’re so concerned about today, and
  3. Ask for help, even if they need it

So, instead of a traditional Update Meeting, hold a BEST/NEXT/HELP Meeting.

In these, ask everyone to prepare a short summary containing three things:

  1. BEST – the best thing that’s happened to them since the last meeting
  2. NEXT – the next thing they’re planning to focus on
  3. HELP – any help they need in any aspect of their work/life

After everyone’s shared their BEST/NEXT/HELPs, you’ll see more positivity, sense of purpose and support. You can then use these, to help you have a better, nicer conversation.

Which is exactly what every single one of us needs.

As I said, I never thought I’d advise you had more Update Meetings. But times are different. We need them. And these BEST/NEXT/HELPs will make a huge difference – to yourself and others.

Action Point

Schedule a BEST/NEXT/HELP asap!

And for loads more tips, I’ve recorded 143 videos to help you. I want you to watch them, so I’ve made some of them free of charge! You can watch them here – (go for the ones marked ‘Free Preview’).

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