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3rd March 2020

In a recent Tip, I said that – when selling – don’t lead WITH your product. Instead, lead people TOWARDS it.

People asked for more info on it. So here goes…

To sell more of a product/service, you need two things:

  • AFTERs – why the customer’s better-off AFTER buying it; and
  • Questions – trigger questions, to start the conversation about these AFTERs

Assuming you’re an agency wanting to sell more websites, the AFTERs of your sites might be:

  1. More leads
  2. Quicker sales
  3. Customer confidence
  4. Higher market share

So your trigger questions to undercover these AFTERs might be:

  1. How much time/effort does it take, to get new leads?
  2. Is your sales cycle as fast as you’d like it to be?
  3. How quickly do your customers agree you’re their best option?
  4. Given how great your company is, are your sales as high as they should be?

If your customer’s answers show they have a need, ask follow-up questions like “tell me more?”, “why’s that?” etc

Your chat should flow TOWARDS the fact they need a website.

Which is a wonderful outcome for both of you.

You sell the website.

And they make a LOT more sales!

Action Point

For each product you sell, list the AFTERs and trigger questions. Use the latter to uncover the former…

And for more tips on how to master this, and other critical techniques, there are hundreds more here:

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