The Golden Rule of Pitching

1st June 2021

When customers buy, they aren’t buying your services.

Instead, they’re buying why they’re better-off AFTER them = their AFTERs.

So if an Accountant’s pitching to you, you aren’t interested in their tax services. But you’re passionate about the £20million tax saving you’ll get AFTER they’ve done their work.

Which means the Golden Rule of Pitching is:

        AFTERs early

In other words:

  • Be clear why they’ll be better-off AFTER working with you
  • Say these AFTERs early

As in, right at the start.

So their #1 AFTER needs to be:

  • In your title – “How we’ll save you £20million”
  • in your opening sentences – “We got excited when we were preparing for today’s meeting. Because we’ve calculated we can save you £20million in tax. £20million! And today, we’ll show you how we’ll do it, the simple things you and we have to do, and how quickly we can start”

(Start like this, and nobody thinks “That sounds great. But when was your company founded?”)

Action Point

For your next pitch:

  • Say their #1 AFTER early
  • Your aim: say it in the first ten seconds
  • After all, they’re more interested in their future than your past

For a deep-dive into AFTERs, watch my free Video #1 of month #1 here.

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