The only way to be interesting…

25th May 2021

The question I’m asked more than any other – “How can I be more interesting?”

The answer?

  1. You know those things that people find interesting
  2. Do them!

For example, people like interactivity.

So prepare good questions to ask them. This guarantees they’ll interact with you.

Also they find it interesting when you’re relevant.

So, upfront, ask what topics they want you to talk/write about. Great for them – you’re now relevant. Also great for your confidence – you know they want to hear what you’re saying!

A third: they like humour.

So go on Google, type in your topic followed by the word “funny”, and see what stuff comes up.

  • They like nice visuals, so use nice visuals
  • They like to learn things, so teach them something
  • They love passion, so deliver with passion

This all sounds obvious.

But just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it happens.

For example, how often do you finish a communication, and then ask yourself “Is this interesting enough?”

Action Point

Next communication, include something interesting. You and they will be delighted you did!

And for my free videos showing how to be interesting, watch the ones marked “Free preview” here.

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