The only way to overcome objections

28th May 2019

People often their reasons for not doing what you want – “You’re too expensive”, “Your competitors are cheaper” etc

And we dread hearing them.


Because we don’t know how to respond.

Which means there’s an obvious solution:

       Work out how to respond

So, invest time creating stock responses to these objections. Examples:

  • “You’re too expensive” – “I don’t often hear that. Why do you say that?”
  • “Your competitors are cheaper” – “Good! That means our company’s like yours – we both have competitors who are worse than us. But I thought you you wanted the best possible outcomes here. Is that not right?”

You’ll notice both:

  • Sound fair
  • Are framed from the other person’s viewpoint
  • End with a question. This means it’s their turn to speak – much better than the dreaded 10-second silence that can happen

Knowing stock phrases won’t remove every objection.

But the opposite is definitely true: if you don’t respond well, the objections won’t disappear.

And when that happens, nobody wins.

Action Point

Write a list of the phrases you dread hearing. Then create your stock phrases for how you’ll respond to each.

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