The perfect follow-up email – so stuff gets DONE

5th March 2019

After a meeting or chat, it’s often useful to document the agreed actions. This gives everyone clarity on next steps. It’s also a useful audit trail for us.

Here’s a follow-up email that works well…

Subject: Our actions following today’s meeting. Please can you…

Dear (Name)

I enjoyed our meeting.

As promised, this email confirms the actions we agreed.

My actions:


If I’ve missed anything, please let me know.

As agreed, we’ll meet again at (time) on (date), to finalise our next steps.

This wording works well because:

  • The title engages – “please can you…” encourages them to open the email – they want to see what the second half of the sentence is
  • The wording is very joint – “our meeting” and so on
  • The word “agreed” reinforces we’ve agreed things
  • We’ve both got actions – so it’s joint and fair
  • You put your actions before theirs
  • You’ve documented when you’re meeting again. So things happen with pace

Most of all: it’s better than NOT sending one. That makes things go too slowly. Or not at all.

Action Point

Create a standard follow-up email (or just use this one). You can then use it after every meeting – a quick way to get more done.

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