The sad reason why we never improve…

13th November 2018

It takes willpower to improve how we do things.

And willpower is like any other form of energy. You wake up with lots of it, and it reduces during the day.

That’s why we sometimes wake up and think, “Tonight I’ll go for a run” – only to find that, when tonight comes, the willpower’s gone. So it’s another night in front of the TV.

So, you know that one thing you want to improve? Whether it’s about how you communicate, or you how do… well, anything really?

Start now.

As in, do something about it right now. While you have some willpower left. For example:

  • Those weekly meetings that you always think you should decline, but never do? Decline them (nicely!) right now
  • And that call you’ve been putting off? Just call them now
  • And those changes you need to make to your proposal template? Just get it done now

Or you can leave it till this evening. After your run, of course…

Action Point

Act now. Identify the one improvement you want to make to your communication. And do something about it right now.

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