The three biggest mistakes with virtual sales pitches

17th November 2020

As you’d expect, I’ve been helping a LOT of companies with their virtual sales pitches. So lots of creating, training and coaching to help people win more sales.

People are getting better at it. But there are three mistakes that most companies make. Do you do these?

#1 Poor/no questions

The best pitches get the client talking. So interaction’s critical – especially when it’s virtual.

And the only way to ensure they speak?

Ask questions.

So invest time creating great questions. Don’t just prep loads of slides and a talk-track… or you’ll be the only one talking.

#2 Poor visuals

Spoiler alert: nobody wants to watch you read boring slides to them. So, remember the ‘Slide Rules’:

  • Few words
  • Good titles
  • Look nice
  • Use slide builds, so they can’t read ahead

#3 Third party evidence

Many pitches are basically a salesperson saying “We think we are great”.

But customers need third party evidence your stuff works. So include written testimonials. Name-drop clients. Give real-life examples where you’ve added value. After all – facts tell, stories sell.

Action Point

Next pitch, do all three. Your competitors probably won’t. Which means you’ll probably win.

These 3 tips are great. To get another 143, click here.

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