The world’s changing. Are you?

13th February 2018

Here’s a stat for you:

Throughout the history of the human race, out of all the people who’ve reached eighty years of age… half of them are alive now.

How interesting is that?

Dr Graeme Codrington – an expert on future trends and how businesses get ready for what’s coming – taught me this during his keynote at an event we were speaking at.

He said some smart firms have noticed this change, and have acted on it.

For example, he’s helped Call Centres transform their results, by recruiting older Call Handlers – people in their 70s and 80s. They’re much more experienced, confident and natural on the phone. They convert more calls. And there’s a lot less attrition than with younger teams. (By the way, if you have a Call Centre and want to chat to him, look at

So, why tell you this?

Because the world is changing. What used to be the ‘rule’, now isn’t.

So, the ‘rule’ that says you have to have that tedious one-hour team meeting every week?

You don’t.

The ‘rule’ that says you have to write long proposals, even though your customer hasn’t asked for it?

You don’t.

The ‘rule’ that says you have to cold call strangers, even though they, and your staff, hate it?

You don’t.

The best companies are changing how they do things.

The best people are changing how they do things.

Are you?

Action point

Review your diary. What’s the one communication you hate more than any other? What can you change, to make it better?

And for more tips on how you can change, check this out.

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